Week 18 Pool Discussion Room 2022: Weekend Pool Draws Discussion 2022

Week 18 Weekend Pool Draws Discussion 2022: Post Other Games, Ask Questions, Interact!!


Week 18 discussion room 2022: Welcome to our football Pools Discussion Room. Here you can post your any comment and it will expressly be approved as long as it’s not a spam message nor abusive comment.

Other relevant discussions, chat, exchange football pools ideals, your cannot draw (CND) and dead games. You can post your winning lines, react to comments in the banker room and carry out your pools exchange of idea here on this forum.


In this section/forum you can post any comment and it will be approved. It is necessary to keep the Banker Room For This Week  focused in providing winning line for members and visitors. Thus, all conversation should be moved to this section or thread. You can post your comments here.


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Week 18 Pool Discussion Room 2022: Post Other Comments, Discuss and Share Views (for express approval)



You can also carry out other conversation concerning comments in the one banker room asking him or her concerning his or her comment (post) in the one banker room, hopefully you get swift response in this thread. Carry out your conversation here, make friends and not enemies and let us all ensure to growth and success of our common quest which is winning our stake with profitable dividend.


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  1. Man Wey Sabi says:

    Cbk $35$
    X07X Pair X47X
    X24X Pair X34X
    X28X Pair X38X
    X10X Pair X37X
    X23X Pair X45X

  2. Assurance says:

    Congrat to as many that make use of our pair 30 pair 31 which delivered 2/2 …..

    My week 18 pair is coming soon ……

  3. Mejoe says:

    Week 18 FA Cup my first ou
    Please don’t joke with this game.

  4. Dozies World says:

    WEEK 18 F.A CUP



    (A) NAP – 33, 39 , 48

    (B) NAP – 15, 16 , 48

    (C) PERM – 15, 16 , 33 , 39 , 48


  5. Junior Jnr says:

    Congratulate to those that use my games as I urges them to perm. 3/5 with full payment like last week.
    Admin over to you for my reward 2 weeks of winning line delivered.

  6. Drakoon says:

    Happy Sunday ADMIN.
    I have a FA Cup pair for the house.
    WK 18: 38/45 = MUST FOR 1 DR.

  7. Nigerianbigman says:

    Rosscounty @ 48 weda home or away in first cup it is to play up & down as a pair 47&49 for one

  8. MMM says:

    Week17 =xxxxxxxx2xxxxxxx

    Week18 =xxxxxxxx10xxxxxx
    Single it,,,,I have my mojo back

  9. Pharrelaustin says:

    Welcome to week 18.
    result has been so rough lately but this week promises to bring joy.
    play 4&30 as two draws.

    prove. 4
    every team with letter in the premier league has drawn at 4 except leeds.

    so mark 4 with authority

  10. Mr Pee (Pool is Brain Work) says:

    Week 18 ( FA CUP)
    NAP X6X8X21X
    PERM x6x8x19x21x29x

    Good luck

  11. EDYSON61 says:

    I wish to appreciate Ma. P. for the one banker ***13** which helped me to recover my staked money. Please more greecce to your elbow. I know how you projected 3 draws in wk 49 last season but as a new comer then nobody took it serious.i personally appreciated you through our able admin. I have never lost hope on what people like you can do. Please continue your good work . God will reward you richly.
    Back to the business of the week. My one banker for this week is :
    *****22****” FIXED CUP DRAW.

  12. Double BB says:

    Week 18

    Greetings to you Admin. pls, I have 2 weeks operations that is 90% garranteed. I will drop the game here, one banker and a pair that can play two. Please, I will withhold the prove since it’s two weeks operations and I plead that you (Admin) give me the privilege of being in the Nap market next week for another banker and a pair when this one deliver.



    Play the game and keep money for Nap market next week.


  13. MMM says:

    Week17 =xxx2xxx
    Week18 =xxx10xxx

    This season whenever brendford draw @ home the following week ,be it Thursday, Tuesday,mondy or anyday play brendford opponent as draw
    Week8 brendford vs Everton xxx2xxx
    Midweek Tuesday/Wednesday 30th august
    U play
    Leeds vs Everton (1:1)xxxxxx

    Tuesday 19th October
    Brendford vs Chelsea ended (1:1)
    Next fixtures
    Week16 Chelsea vs man u xxx2xxx

    Last week17
    Brendford vs wolves xxx2xxx
    Go and play
    Wolves vs Brighton xxxxx10xxxxx

    Single xxxxxxxxxxx10xxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Passadina Pools says:

    Bank on number XXX 06 XXX
    Game 2 of EXPERT TRIO transferred to game 6 of HSQ in SAF, therefore bank on Sunday dates of play for draw on a draw/fail move reference WK 22,2021–5** WK 37,2022–20** WK 18,2022–xx6xx PAS’S A DINA to the world !

  15. BASCO says:

    Week 18

    Win With


    Setting: Newcastle @ 07 away and 47 in Box nine of Lotto Sequence — Special Advance Fixtures. Mark Box three, seven and nine.
    Ref: week 16–**35**40**47**

    This week 18–**18**24**47**

    This setting is a two week operations, weeks 16 n 17, week 18 n 19. Next week will be a banker n pair that will cost you some cash with the approval of admin in the Nap Market, therefore win with this to afford it.



  16. Win Agent says:


    ADMIN : I am a new here as a member to deliver my best of all this week 18 are

    As full time draws

    I will give a prove after winning the game
    Thanks admn

  17. KING says:

    I greet you All!
    Week 18 2022-2023.
    Blue 2 weeks movement base on the Boss Obi.
    In week 2, ***26**&***5***2/2
    In week 10,***4***&***44**2/2
    In week 18,***18***&***22***2/2
    My Banker for week 18,
    My Nap for week 18,
    My pair for week 18,

  18. Uyoatta says:

    Admin I will like you to create a room for daily tips so people can drop their daily games

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