Week 27 Pool Discussion Room 2022: Weekend Pool Draws Discussion 2022

Week 27 Weekend Pool Draws Discussion 2022: Post Other Games, Ask Questions, Interact!!


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Week 27 Pool Discussion Room 2022: Post Other Comments, Discuss and Share Views (for express approval)



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  1. GOLDENGILO says:

    We started the New year 2022 on a brighter note.My undisputed pair for wk 26 2xx Rocks 5ff delivered successfully ,more winnings on the way.

  2. Boytwo says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022, GOOD NEWS’ WE MAY IT, IN 2021 WE WILL MAY IT2 DIS 2022, AS MY PAIR PLAY WK24 2p4, WK25 2p5, WK26 2p6 & 4p8, NOW IS WK27 i will be giving out my best 2ways of pairs? may me happy we you all, & go no way….

  3. Viakrone says:

    XXX 37 CBK
    Pools telegraph odd WK
    sequence which states
    that whenever number 37
    appears at the middle
    spot of Traditional X
    column in Pools telegraph
    front page is your banker
    draw reference ;
    WK 7,2019::::XXX 37✓✓ CBK
    WK 37,2020:::XXX 37✓✓ CBK
    WK 17,2020:::XXX 37✓✓ CBK
    WK 51,2021:::XXX 37✓✓ CBK
    WK 27,2021:::XXX 37** CBK
    Very reliable and dependable,
    hard-working admin please post
    for us all, thanks

  4. Bancholes says:

    For Today’s matches

    I singled out 17XX. as a draw.

    Like I told someone yesterday, that 2xx was supposed to deliver cos I observe that Bradford c. @ away under the bar. That is the only time Liverpool has drawn at away this season.

    Thank God 2XX made it yesterday.

    To today’s game.


    Derby has only drawn at away this season, provided you count 4 up from the 2nd bar and it meets derby there at away.

    Ref. Wks 15 and 18.

    Proof 2.

    Week 15.
    Westham @ 3 away same family with Newport co. @ away
    Cardiff on top bar away
    Minus West Ham position from Cardiff to equal derby at away.

    Mark derby as draw.

    Same setting this week .

    DATE: 3RD JANUARY, 2022.
    TIME: 4PM.


  5. BASCO says:


    xxxMan Utd.x Vs.x Wolvesxxx
    as draw today Monday.

    opponent of Newcastle to enter leaving position Crystal Palace and draw.

    Ref: weeks 17-18, 22-23, 25-26.

    Happy n Prosperous New Year to everyone here.

  6. Octopus Saga says:

    My dear friends, like i told you guys last week 26 that 2.3.17 is for only one draw. Now number 2 has drawn, 3 failed, the remaining 17 is a dead game o. Please don’t waste even 1 kobo on it no matter the prove because it will never and ever draw. I’ve been silent for too long, it’s time to voice out to cut losses. Those who have ears should hear. God bless us.

  7. Light says:

    IF A cup movement.
    Play X21xx

    Any number that appear in in high-score quize and fail
    and then repeated again in nest cup in the same position bank on that number
    Example WK18 was no2 it failed in wk18
    To repeat the same position in wk22 to draw xx2xx
    WK22 was ,,21,, it failed
    In WK27 21 repeated his position to play draw

    note:: Leeds must be there

  8. 2022 says:

    Letter H No:36 FWN home draw

    Wk27 XXXX 37 XXXX
    Letter H No:37 FWN home draw


  9. PUNDIT DELE says:

    @Octopus Saga
    NO 17 ended (2-2) what is this bragging all about, it is easy to kill games, but difficult to offer draws.
    2022 is not a year to kill games.

  10. Mark says:

    Happy new year to you the most outstanding admin of the year and all compilers also fans of this great platform. May we flourish smash records and set records on this platform this year. Please I have this from windstar 3rd page GIANT PILLAR this is the third time we are having similar first letters and always play one (0-0) the other one (2-1) ref week 10, week 13 and week 27 current. Please I need help as am having burial this month on 21 and 22 of this January. Please help me with draws also to separate the pair. 20 pair 23

  11. Reuberry says:

    These goes out to all the able men that have really clapped for me I appreciate u guys and am indeed humbled. I will continue to have fun and stay focused dishing my bankers for as long as the Grace permits. God bless you all.
    week 27 XXX40CBKXXXX
    Already proofed in banker room buh I will add more proof 2 encourage all those that cannot survive without proof.

  12. Octopus Saga says:

    Here is my nap to say sorry to those i desuaded from using 17 last week. 45.BK.. 18.25… 3/3 and… 6/6. Check banker for the little prove that controls the nap…. God bless and enrich our efforts.

    Last week i gave 37*/43* here as pair which supplied the two, and 32/37* with prove in banker room. Week 27: 3 pairs 43, and 21 pair 49. God bless us.

  13. Emmy Money says:

    Every week of seven, bank on 23 and 43
    By number….
    N 5
    A 23
    P 43
    32 pair 42

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