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Week 27 Weekend Pool Draws Discussion 2023: Post Other Games, Ask Questions, Interact!!


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  1. I am Joe says:

    Still Joe in The Building

    I Wanna Thank all My Fans n Followers all Over The World Who Saw n Won with My Alternative Super Pair Banker ——

    # 9 Pair 11 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅ Delivered

    Clearly Proved n Posted on Tuesday Afternoon

    The 3 up n 3 Down Formula 🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑 of ” Birmingham ” home or Away on Blue Color Currently —–

    Produced 2 Draws For now —-

    Tho I Omitted #7 but That Drew

    # 7 @ 4.50 ✅✅✅✅🔥🔥🔥🔥

    # 9 Waiting

    #11 @3.50 ✅✅✅✅✅🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Produced 2 Draws For Now

    My Alternative Super Pair Banker
    # 9 Pair 11 Delivered


    Proved n Posted on Tuesday Afternoon

    I’ve Proved to be a Dominant Force With My Unique Formula Ever Since ——-

    I Joined This Forum With My Own Unique Brand

    Am Gonna Keep Working Hard to Select Rightly From My Formulas 🔑 🔑 🔑 🔑 🔑 🔑🔑🔑🔑 🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑 🔑 🔑🔑🔑 🔑 🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑 🔑🔑🔑🔑 🔑🔑🔑

    Am an Independent Compiler With My Own System

    Welcome to My World of Success n Different Formulas 🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑

    I’m 💯💯💯 Fit —- 12 Calendar 📅📅 Month This Yr To Work Hard —

    n Make Money 💰💰💰💰💰💰

    😎 👉☎👈 😎


    I Remain Joe

    • Zaccheaus Blessing says:

      Good evening sir and happy new to you. I’m Zaccheaus from Nigeria. I read through your comment and found it interesting…. pls Sir can u show me the formula u have been using or… u could be forwarding any draws u picked for me through my email. thanks so much.

  2. Drakoon says:

    Last WK24 turned out bad. What I have this Cup WK27 is based on no. matches that drew last Cup WK21 when coupon fixture was devoid of premier league. WK27: nap 5, 7, 15. perm 5, 7, 15, 32, 39, 40. WISHING US ALL THE BEST OF LUCK.

  3. Abstract XBK says:

    Four weeks pair done and dusted from WK 23 to WK 26:::45✓✓pair15?? With one game to spare the job is done. Admin welldone. congratulations to beneficiaries.

  4. David O. says:

    Still on wk26

    Today 2nd jan. 2023

    20x and 21x 2/2 draws..

    Soccer x research matrix

    Banker box =26

    26=> 43%

    26 + 1 =27

    27=> 44%

    26x and 27x 2/2

    Banker box =20

    20 + 1 =21


    Mark 20x and 21x 2/2 draws

    Again. No.21x

    In wk30 last year,
    Accrington vs morecambe drew under bar.

    In wk31
    Morecambe met bolton and drew @22x

    Last week25
    Accrington vs barnsley drew under bar.

    Barnsley vs bolton @21x.

    Again no.20x

    Wk18 no.20 top of bar

    Millwall vs hull draw

    Wk23 no.20 top of bar

    Millwall vs wigan draw

    Wk26 no.20 top bar

    Wigan vs hull @20x to draw and end the system

    Go now and play

    Two draws.

    Signed: david ovye

  5. GENUWINE says:

    The Two Bold Serial Digits On SUPER PAIR COLUMN Under The FORTUNE BOX Forms A Pair Every Red.

    WK 07
    30—31 (30FF, 31XX)

    WK 11
    9—–10 (9FF, 10XX)

    WK 15
    48—49 (48XX, 49FF)

    WK 19
    45—46 (45FF, 46XX)

    WK 23
    17—18 (17FF, 18XX)

    WK 27
    46—47 (46??, 47??)

  6. Sussan19 says:

    Wk27 xxx12xxx xxx13xxx 2 /2 In wk4 I drop 9xxx11xxx as 2/2,this wk is 12xxx13 as 2/2 from the same key that brought 9xx11,u can check it in wk4 discussion room.Stake it heavy,it will not fail.

  7. Otelemate Oriye says:

    Good afternoon and HAPPY NEW YEAR to my wonderful Admin and moderators fellow tipster.
    We have collectively performed, for me I have successfully released one banker for three weeks.
    This was an amazing information and superb forecast, we will start another wonderful three straight weeks of unfailing draws. I know week26 was wrongly checked, but never mind we will hit jackpot. Thanks all the users and viewers of my post just stay connected. Happy New Year 2023.

  8. Ime Etang says:

    Breaking News…. Happy new year to all of us. Week 27 Nap is 7, 33, 44. Pair 38, 48. Note this game is directly from UK. So if you want to begin the new year in grand style, play the above game. Congratulations in advance….

  9. McCoach says:

    No comment about the game just play this game if u like because Everytime we prove games after 90 minutes no draw wk 27, try this games ok
    Winning line (6*30*37*38*39*44*45*47)
    Good luck my fellow tipsters happy new year to u All

  10. BACI says:

    IT’S RATHER SAD THAT WITH THE PERFORMANCE BELOW, NO ONE HAS SHOWN ME APPRECIATION. As a one time champion of this great blog 2020/21 season. I have dedicated my best and I have never sold any game or demand appreciation but sometimes that will motivate me.


    WK 21 07FF/17XX
    WK 22 26XX/36FF
    WK 23 08FF/18XX
    WK 24 22FF/32FF
    WK 25 09XX/21XX
    WK 26 05XX/15FF
    WK 27 07XX/27XX


  11. Scarlotiz says:

    The only pundit with this Analysis.. 95% of forecasters are not aware of this ongoing sequence.. Now go and mark 23x pair 24x for a must draw. Check this proof: in week 16, there are two numbers inside a star bracket besides the week number. T’was (20) and (40). The following week 17, it delivered one draw, again in week 19, it was (26) and (9). Played two draws following week, now last week, we had (23) and (24) inside the star bracket. set To deliver a classic pair this week. Go and mark 23x weds 24x. It can never fail u.

  12. David O. says:

    Undisputed pair

    No.5 pair no.12 must for one draw.
    Aston villa @1 home

    Add the two date of play , go to the answer home and away teams last letter to form pair

    Date => 3/4 =7
    Nott’m foR vs bournmoutH @7

    R 18x pair H 8f
    Date => 22/23 =45

    St.mirren vs dundee u @45

    N 14f pair u 21x
    Date => 5/6 =11

    Blackburn vs hudd’field @11

    N 14x pair D 4f
    Date => 7/8 =15

    Hartlepool vs stoke @15

    L 12 pair E 5

    Seperate and win

  13. Khakii@2020 says:

    Week 27 2022/23

    Altrincham@48X away
    *Count Altrincham and it’s opponent letters to fall and play game up
    *Altrincham to draw
    *Oldham to draw and draw next family up
    The following week
    *Game under the first bar to draw
    *Add code 4 to your answer to draw

    Week 20 2022/23
    *Woking vs Altrincham@48X
    6+10=16F 15X
    15X36X46X48X 4/4

    Week 21 cup week
    First bar=12/13
    13X17X49X 3/3

    Week 26 2022/23
    *Halifax vs Altrincham@48X
    7+10=17F 16X
    16X39X48X49X 4/4

    Week 27 2023 cup week
    First bar=29/30
    30X34X49X 3/3

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