Week 35 Pool Discussion Room 2022: Weekend Pool Draws Discussion 2022

Week 35 Weekend Pool Draws Discussion 2022: Post Other Games, Ask Questions, Interact!!


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Week 35 Pool Discussion Room 2022: Post Other Comments, Discuss and Share Views (for express approval)



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Comments (29)

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  1. Tony Mark says:

    I tell you all that No:43 is a draw

    This week35 No:?? is another HIGH ODDS to draw
    With 6games to perm in pool for sure 4/6 or 5/6

    Whosoever appreciate we receive it.

  2. Pools Archive says:

    WEEK35: 22*32*33*34*35*36*46


    Welcome to the other room!
    **the week after chain occurs @47x48x49 Stevenage away draws and it family up in progression 30,31,32…,chain of four draws from Forest Green to Oldham,46 draws by number.

  3. GOLDENGILO says:

    It’s so saddened for my banker that failed when all efforts were put together to produce it but we shall not relent until we hit the target.I tendered my unreserve apology to all my loyal fans who have been shown commitments despite the huge losses suffered but one thing I know you will all be indemnify and smile at the end

    In the meantime, our consistent in Pair delivery continue and it speaks more volumes .Congrats to all beneficiaries of my pair last wk 40xx P 41ff

    The Journey So far

    Week 26 2xx vs 5ff
    Week 27 29xx vs 33ff
    Week 28 5ff vs 6xx
    Week 29 36xx vs 40ff
    week 30 35panel vs 39ff
    week 31 4ff vs 14xx
    week 32 32ff vs 40xx
    week 33 35xx vs 40ff
    week 34 40xx vs 41ff
    Week 35 xxx P xxx

    @ Admin, I have successfully completed another four weeks pair delivery to become second time champion in Expert Zone list .Pls kindly take note and also I am looking forward to your incentive



  4. Draw Commander says:

    Hello fanz i really thank God for his good work upon us am also happy dat my banker delivered FT 1-1 am also happy for those who won with it I thank u all, week35 I will also post one sure fixe draw match pls be ready for it, I will post it soon. I greet de great admin

  5. Fidelis says:

    Any time Man U draw at 5 away with a team with first alphabet as W, the following week, if it falls on a odd week, play the following numbers: 14, 16, 19, 31, and 44 for a winning line. Good luck!

  6. GODSON says:

    Week35 +46+ to draw

  7. Aba Boys says:

    Last week34, I released 25√ 31√ 34f as a nap but 34 end up no draw.

    This week35 Red.
    Use 1-4-48 as nap. Use the pairs of 29/25
    I will prove it in bank room soon.

  8. Movis Ukori says:

    I told you all that my pair hardly fail twice in a row. Thank God for last week pair that delivered as 28Xx pair 29Ff in Movis new pair phase. A very big thanks to Jojo,Ibe, among others for their gift sent to me to do more may God bless u all. Pls stay tuned for another blast this week. Admin may u be favour among men

  9. Uduak says:

    Welcome to week35 my banker is no14cbk prove in banker room. I remain my humbleself Uduak Eyenikpaisong Annang owo Annang Ade owo uko.

  10. Obitex says:

    Good day everyone here let try 48 prove anytime you see Rangers on top Ross to play 48

  11. Massbet says:

    It has been long I post something in this forum. Am posting this in the interest of peace and for pple to recover some of their losses this season.

    Week 35. Bank strongly on *21*26*27*. For winning line Bank strongly on *2*7*21*22*26*27*.
    My observation of this game is a week after Burton A @ number 18 at home and Gillingham @ number 20 at away. Current season.
    Remain bliss.

  12. Man of God says:

    Welcome to WK 35 as I present to you.
    as 3/3. Your winning line 1**2**3**34**35**36.
    Prov Crystal p is taking all the letter W in premier league. Ref wk8, wk24 and wk35. Good luck. Admin I salute you sir. Let it go through for the benefit of all.

  13. Emeka Ani says:

    C. Rangers vs Airdrie No:47
    Airdrie 7Letters No:47draw

    Week35 Nap=10*19*49=3/3
    C. Rangers vs Peterhead No:49
    Peterhead 9Letters No:49draw

  14. Otelemate says:

    Good evening my brothers and sisters in the business, I am sorry for system failed. It has played 8 weeks. Now bank 29xbk. Proof: in every week of five Crewe position plus code 10 will give an amazing draw ref wk5 (Crewe)=16+10=26xbk, wk15(Crewe)=24+10=34xbk,wk25(Crewe)=25+10=35xbk, wk35(Crewe)=19+10=29xbk. 29xbk use it and start another wonderful three straight weeks.

  15. Nero says:


    21xxx pair 41xxx
    i remain Nero

  16. Emeraldjr says:

    It has been a while now but my reasons for not posting as usual is for good. I will be brief with my proof.
    My Bankers for this week is:
    A-5? XXCBKXX
    My WL: XX1XX5XX6XX14XX26XX34XX ?/6
    Admin pls post for the house.

  17. Emytex says:

    Have tried my possible best to locate the draws last week. Pls forget about keys and follow this method. I do my forcast through result calculatn whithout any paper. I think with the help of this group, we will locate the true draws. Ref: week 32,33,34 and it will play this week too. Exampe week 34. Key: 1) add week no. 3+4=7,17,27,37,47=2/2 2) family of (5) must 4 two 5,15,25,35,45=2/5 3) it must chain from one of that family that is going to draw either up or down (47x,48x,49x). 4). Family of ‘0’ must play. Pls help me. Am coming back 4 more details

  18. Sussan19 says:

    Another key is DUNFERMLINE @43 Away bank on
    SHREWSBURY Home & Away
    FLEETWOOD Home & Away
    MORECAMBE Home & Away
    AYR UTD Home &Away
    HAMILTON Home & Away
    AIRDRIE Home & Away
    C.RANGERS Home &Away
    Reff week30-31 current

  19. BRIGHT says:

    Welcome to Week 35, any time you See Carlisle at week number count four up to meet Stevenage(fixed Draw And next family down)

    Super PAIR of the week

    Mark 32—-&—-42 must for One Draw this week..

    Admin please approve it for my people thanks.

  20. MAXIMUS says:

    Last week performance was a bit fair, my performance in bankers room **3** & **28** 2/2 then 21ff pair **42** making 3/4.????

    Our discussion room game came out 3/5, all thanks to God.

    Quickly let’s look into wk 35 with two set of games, please feel free to make your choice

    First game:

    Nap xx05xx , xx40xx , xx49xx as 3/3 & Dumbarton to draw (off coupon on friday) then 29 pair 30

    Prove: Peterhead @ 49, Motherwell must draw xx40xx, add Sunday and sat date of play it must give you a digit in the family of 5 to draw xx5xx, Dunfermline and Dumbarton to draw turn by turn. In wk 5 Dumbarton @ xx48xx drew, in wk 29 Dunfermline drew (off coupon) , In wk Dumbarton to draw off coupon on Friday, this gives room for the pointer xx49xx to draw, Bradford C on top of Colchester for One. Ref wk 05,29 & this week

    2nd game:
    xx05xx, XX08XX,xx16xx,xx33xx Exeter to draw off coupon on Friday
    Prove: key is Newport Co at 33, Newcastle and Norwich to play draw on a turn by turn basis. It is the turn of Norwich to draw xx05xx, Derby to draw xx08xx, Cambridge U to draw xx16xx, Bristol R to draw xx33xx and Exeter to draw off coupon on Friday. Ref wk 15, 18 & 35

    Exeter and Dumbarton are 2/2 draws on Friday ooooohh??

  21. Temple SP says:

    My record

    week31 33ff & 43¤¤

    week32 20¤¤ & 21¤¤

    week33 35¤¤ & 39

    week34 26ff & 36ff

    may god break this yoke for me

  22. Little wood xxx says:

    Play 20xx21xx22xx24xx34xx38xx bet online…and perm heavily its a good game, you must cash out. Prove 22 and 38 in banker room, every week 35 since 2017 20and21 is must for one or two draws, it’s the turn to play both, No 24 is a must draw, Go and play it,

  23. Phillip Ibanga says:

    WK35. PLAY ; SINGLE 3CBK. NAP;3cbkX7cbk NAP;3cbkX16cbk

  24. Paul says:

    nap 2,5,38 as ur 3/3 hibernian leavin position in previous red to be occupied by dundee utd in advance

  25. Nero says:

    Good afternoon to you all, i remain Nero by name<<<<< I really greet you mu humble admin,may your days be long…I will be giving you guys pairs that will never fail,at least one must come for a draw.. i might not give you gyes little proves at all. But for sure my pairs,is a must for one…..

    38 Pair 41


  26. X-Man says:

    11x 24x 29x

    Advance opponent of Cardiff

    Advance opponent of Cheltenham

    Crew and Swindon in similar digit

  27. 2022 says:

    Southampton No:01 away only on Red coupon

    Following week Leicester No:01 away for another 4/4

  28. Lover Wave says:

    16 pair 7
    life pair if it fails I won’t post again over 2 week

  29. BLACKGOLD says:

    Lucky game

    12 and. 25. 2/2.

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