Week 37 Pool Discussion Room 2022: Weekend Pool Draws Discussion 2022

Week 37 Weekend Pool Draws Discussion 2022: Post Other Games, Ask Questions, Interact!!


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Week 37 Pool Discussion Room 2022: Post Other Comments, Discuss and Share Views (for express approval)



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  1. SirChuks says:

    my nap last week


    this week 37 i am posting another nap

    house stay tune

    one love admin

  2. Aba Boys says:

    Good evening every one , This week 37 I would like to enter Nap market bcos this week my games must drop either thy play 5draws only. I don’t know how to speak grammer or write long story.
    Every body knows how I do performed before. From now till the end of the season watch out for my games.my last week36 pairs was 24xxxx and 25xxx cleared 2/2.
    This week37 as I have posted already in bankers room, 40/41 as the most strongest pairs of the week.
    Pls Admin as an old person who has been doing great job here before, permitted me to go NAP market this week.

    Lastly I will separate the pairs of 40/41.
    Mark 40XXXX as a banker draw with 2 others to make it 3/3 and pairs….. If you go week5 brown you see the same St Johnstone and Motherwell drew at number 40. This week37 , is a fixed match for a every to make money this very week.

    Banker XXXXXX40XXXXX

  3. Year 2020 says:

    Must click 4/4
    Our week36 game was
    4fff 25√√√ 30√√√ 33√√√37√√

  4. Pools Archive says:

    WEEK28 NAP:42X42X20


    Welcome to the other room!
    **nine week intervals at week10 bank:
    -first letter S home from 49
    -first fixture with identical first letters from 49
    -number twenty
    -pair at numbers 12&13

  5. Waters says:

    Week36 nap cut one…. but winning lines delivered 3/5
    Always endeavor to do permutations especially with the admin,he is got very high odds……….nap ,then perm if u don’t want heart attack in this business

  6. Tegah-tiger says:

    Greetings to the world ❣️
    MAX Respec Admin and MODERATORs ..

    Welcome to week 37 with @tegah-tiger☘️☘️☘️

    Congratulations to all our followers in the world as we released 17 ❌PAIR 16 ✅ And also went further to prove why 16 is the CBK!!!

    Our performance so far ;

    Week 32: 31✅ PAIR 33 ✅

    WEEK 33: 27❌ PAIR 28 PPP

    WEEK 34: 29 ❌ PAIR 47 ✅

    WEEK 35 : NAP MARKET ( FROM NAP MARKET WE HAVE 28 ✅ CBK AND 9 ❌ PAIR 32 ✅ ) To declare winning on sold games

    WEEK 36: 17❌ PAIR 16✅

    WEEK 37:: LOADING…… As we are waiting for our papers.

    thanks Admin.

    Best regards,
    Tegah-tiger (CIPHERs EXPERT)

  7. PUNDIT DELE says:

    Let me welcome ourselves to week 37. And most importantly all who were successful in 36, I say a big congratulations.

    This week I want to do something very unusual, by predicting potentially, the inclusion of a particular team on fixture list in week 38.

    Why is my expectation unique, because my week 37 forecast requires a team of certain configuration,in week 38, and when I worked it out, it suggested INDIA.

    I became a bit confused, why India of all countries, first India was ounce rumored to have scored an unprecedented number of goals against a particular opponent and was banned.

    Well fixtures will be out today or tomorrow, should India VS Belarus make it on fixtures list for week 38 at either NO 6,or family of (6), then we are in for a glorious week 37 and 38.

  8. Honourable says:

    Failed opponent of CREWE in week of 6 to draw in week of 7. Current.

  9. Emytex says:

    Wk37=10,15,18,21=4/4 (unstopable 4/4)Too much of game kills me (2nd appearance) prove: when date of play draw. Ref. (Wk33-34) wk33=19x/20 wk 34=26/27 week 33=19/20 (19,18,17x,)(2021,22x) wk34=26/27 (26,25x) (27,28x)= wk 34 17x,22x,25x,28x=4/4 now (wk36-37) wk36=(12/13x) (12,11,10x)(13,14,15x) wk37=19/20(19,18x)(20,21x)= wk37=(10,15,18,21)=4/4.

  10. Fidelis says:

    Try these set of pairs:wk 37


    Good luck!
    Admin over to u

  11. zanfat says:

    Hi guys wk 37 around d corner preparation nap ontop guys stay tone on my chennal. ?

  12. Successinfinito says:


    41 pair 49

    Prove: “CAPITAL INTERNATIONAL” DRAWS ARE MOST LIKELY AT: Any number taken to page 4 and carries ? sign and is found at TRY COLUMN on page 1, makes game 34 or 41 of FULL LIST a super pair to deliver 1 or 2 draws this week.


    Admin, as always my greetings to you is endless.

  13. Uduak Thompson says:

    Pool week 37


    Prove of 14&15: anytime Milton K.D and Burton A are ontop of each other mark it as two draws.

    Prove of 18: anytime Milton K.D and Burton A laps ontop of each other count Fleetwood and it opponent to give you draw.

    Prove of 19&20: whenever you count Fleetwood and it opponent and it gives you 18 Fleetwood must play game two down.

    Refwk9,wk27 and this wk37

    Good luck

  14. Elom (Ededede) says:

    What can d houz give me if I unleash my 2nd 3/3 here? I wanted to reserve ds one but my spirit kept pushing me to give it out. Ds my 2nd NAP was derived from my mathematical sequence of family numbers. So, if u believe dt anything is possible under the surface of d earth, then go & stake online 18X28X38 to produce 3/3 under any condition ds wk 37. So, for higher winning, join d 2 NAPs (15x17x32 in d banker rm) and (18x28x38 here in d dscussñ rm) to become 15X17X18X28X32X38. Best of luck to us.

  15. Festuz85 says:

    Having lost severally with other forecasters games, I have decided to the bull by the horn and do my own research. Play with me if we win we win and if we lose we lose.

    My 2/2 is 16XX25
    My 4/4 is 16XX24XX25XX26
    My pair is 41p38
    Ref WK 31-33 and WK 30-37

  16. Prince Martino says:

    I greet all.WK37 Special realise.play 15XX18XX28 Pair 39/47 FA Cup WK37 information.Ref.2019/20, 2020/21 and current wk.Admin i salute u special

  17. Dr Ugoo says:

    This Week 37, invest heavily on 20★★47★★

    Open Capital International:

    When Sat date is of family of 9 and has away team that starts with letter S.

    Add the and the last letters of that away team and verify that e carry 47 for one cocksure draw.
    Then also mark the number wey carry week number:

    Wk 14: Sat date was 9 and SerbiA@9away

    FL game 14 is 9

    S19+A1 is 20

    FL game 20 was 47: 47★★
    FL game 18 has 14( WK No): 18★★

    Wk 37: Sat date is 19 and Sheff weD@19away

    FL game 37 is 19

    S19+D4 is 23

    FL game 23 is 47: 47★★
    FL game 20 has 37( WK No): 20★★

    Invest on them and smile ☺

  18. Niger 22 says:

    TRANMERE on top of bar @away Discovery:ref wks06&15(2018/19), wks32&37(2021/22). Perm EXETER is the rallying point.

  19. Emmyluv says:

    am back again with amazing 4/4======sheff.wes at Saturday date of home or away…………pls na

  20. Emmyluv says:

    sorry I meant Saturday date of play. home or away

  21. Movis Ukori says:

    Welcome to week 37 no much talk let us mark btw 36 and 18 courtesy soccer research RSK TREBLE CHANCE 12 BIGGER NO FOUND UNDER SMALLER NO PROVIDED WHEN U MULTIPLY THE BIGGER NO BY DIGIT WISE D ANSWER MUST BE THE SMALLER NO E.G in week 32 when you will see game 5 and 6 on PG 3 treble chance 12 to be 39 and 27 resp. Now 3X9=27 ANS FOUND UNDER IT IT DREW 39XX THAT WEEK NOW THIS WEEK 5 AND 6 ARE 36 AND 18 NOW 3X6=18 FOUND UNDER IT AS WELL SO MARK 36 OR 18 THIS WEEK MUST FOR ONE OR NO COUPON MOVIS SAID SO

  22. GOOD says:

    Good day house, 9*13*20*40*41,for 9 Luton at away no 9 second time, for 40@ 41 the two st in scot premiership for one or two draw, for 20 Sunderland at no 20 home or away current season, for 13 is from rsk and is lengthy, admin over to you

  23. OVUIKE DANIEL says:

    Greetings to you great people in the house. My regards to you Hon. Admin. wk37
    Nap 28- 31- 47

    Appearance of Raith home on top of bar pick this team to draw by team Crawley to draw team Stevenage to draw and count three down from Raith to give you another draw
    Ref. week 28
    34 xxxx
    42 xxxx

    week 31
    28 xxxx
    48 xxxx

    week 35
    31 xxxx

    week 37

    Winning line 20xxx24cxx28xxx31xxx47xxx

    Good luck to you all.

  24. Man Power says:

    Blessing to the house

    One line will produce
    26 pair 27 must for one.

    Big appreciation in expectation for future more.

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