Week 44 Pool Discussion Room 2022: Weekend Pool Draws Discussion 2022

Week 44 Weekend Pool Draws Discussion 2022: Post Other Games, Ask Questions, Interact!!


Week 44 discussion room 2022: Welcome to our football Pools Discussion Room. Here you can post your any comment and it will expressly be approved as long as it’s not a spam message nor abusive comment.

Other relevant discussions, chat, exchange football pools ideals, your cannot draw (CND) and dead games. You can post your winning lines, react to comments in the banker room and carry out your pools exchange of idea here on this forum.


In this section/forum you can post any comment and it will be approved. It is necessary to keep the Banker Room For This Week  focused in providing winning line for members and visitors. Thus, all conversation should be moved to this section or thread. You can post your comments here.




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Week 44 Pool Discussion Room 2022: Post Other Comments, Discuss and Share Views (for express approval)



You can also carry out other conversation concerning comments in the one banker room asking him or her concerning his or her comment (post) in the one banker room, hopefully you get swift response in this thread. Carry out your conversation here, make friends and not enemies and let us all ensure to growth and success of our common quest which is winning our stake with profitable dividend.


On a final note, do not respond to any message that is not from the verified numbers of the administrator as published below on this website. Do not reply such spam and scam message.




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  1. Prince Igwe D. says:

    See banker room;
    Wk 43: 33cbk (dusted), yet alot has to be done.
    Now, Wk 44: 6cbk!
    3/3 is possible!
    Try me!

  2. GOLDENGILO says:

    We glorify God for the success we recorded last week in spite of wrong selection in our Banker, we still delivered successfully in our pair…

    In the mean time,Congratulations once again to all and sundry who have been benefiting from our pair on the long run,our pair 10ff Pair 14xx delivered successfully

    Our consistent and unbeaten run in pair delivery continue in Pool industry .It’s God doing .Join the moving train and stay connected to us for more success

    The Journey So far

    Week 26 2xx vs 5ff
    Week 27 29xx vs 33ff
    Week 28 5ff vs 6xx
    Week 29 36xx vs 40ff
    Week 30 35panel vs 39ff (Bad)
    Week 31 4ff vs 14xx
    Week 32 32ff vs 40xx
    Week 33 35xx vs 40ff
    Week 34 40xx vs 41ff
    Week 35 47ff P 48xx
    Week 36 43ff P 44 ff (Bad)
    Week 37 28ff P 29xx
    Week 38 33xx p 38ff
    Week 39 46xx P 47xx
    Week 40 46ff P 47xx
    Week 41 11ff P 13ff ( Bad)
    Week 42 9xx P 16xx
    Week 43 10ff P 14xx
    Week 44 xxx P xxx Unstoppable

  3. Ekele Peter says:

    37ff & 43XX✓✓ DELIVERED!!!…

  4. Samuel Sunny says:

    ✓✓✓✓✓Weekend week44✓✓
    17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17
    24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24
    Must for 1 draw ✅

  5. PARRY says:

    Welcome to week 44. Play= 2*7*13*38*40. You can perm with 16/17. Admin na you be Oga.

  6. OBI says:

    as my wk43 banker:45XXCBK drew

    WK44 Banker loading…

  7. Bigmoney says:

    Our super Rsk banker xx45cbk deliverd successfully..we keep doing it better till we get to the best..Bigmoney cares✌

  8. SITO says:

    Week44,try nap with no.11×25×38 as 3/3.i will only prove 38 oppnt.of dundee utd at home to draw ross county.pls current.pls hon.admin.it hav bin long time i posted,b/c i always fail.thanks admin.4 good work and next english season to come am ready to giv one banker every week

  9. Godspeed says:

    Good morning Admin. I would want to suggest you use this platform to as well upload Final Result forcast paper for us. It’s a good paper that supplies draw a whole lot. Please consider this humble request. Thanks for your cooperation.

  10. KingBlizz says:

    BURNLEY vs ASTON V. xxxxxxx4xxxxxxxBANKER. Addition of CARDIFF position @away. the answer to locate ASTON V. @away picking the advance opponent of TOTTENHAM for a gazetted draw. Ref current week 42.

  11. Itz Victory Okundaye says:

    SAF box 8 HSQ to carry number 37, therefore bank on SHORT LIST game 4, #18 and #30 by number, games 4 and 13 & 14 of Treble Jinx all to form winning line, ref. WK 19,7,2021, and currently WK 44,2022 respectively. Thank you Admin for the good work

  12. Agamenon says:

    Since week42:blue,game three away team first and last alphabet plus together is a banker rugged.week42:23+19=42xxx:week43:13+25=38xx:week44:13+4=17xxxbanker rugged👍👍👍👍:::Do u also no that since week 42,that Liverpool sitting ontop a team with it’s first letter on family of three,The first alphabet of opponent of Liverpool is a banker rugged.:week42:E=5xx:week43:N=14xx:week44:T=20xx:therefore,17xxx20xx:2/2:rugged.Admin,may u live long,it is well,play and show apriciation.

  13. Constance Ify says:

    Welcome to week 44
    Bank on 21xxcbk
    Proved in banks room

  14. Vicluv says:

    Good day everyone plz consider my 2 stress free banker plz dont demand for proof but be rest assure it will deliver.
    Banker on
    Plz adm approve thanks.

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