Week 46 Weekend Pool Draws Discussion Room 2023

Week 46 Weekend Pool Draws Discussion 2023: Post Other Games, Ask Questions, Interact!!


Week 46 pool weekend draws discussion 2023: Welcome to our football Pools Discussion Room. Here, you can post anything related to pool draws for the week, you can also post your any comment and it will expressly be approved as long as it’s not a spam message nor contain abusive comment.

Other relevant discussions, chat, exchange football pools ideals, your cannot draw (CND) and dead games. You can post your winning lines, react to comments in the banker room and carry out your pools exchange of idea here on this forum.


In this section/forum you can post any comment and it will be approved. It is necessary to keep the Banker Room For This Week  focused in providing winning line for members and visitors. Thus, all conversation should be moved to this section or thread. You can post your comments here.


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Week 46 Pool Discussion Room 2023: Post Other Comments, Discuss and Share Views (for express approval)


You can also carry out other conversation concerning comments in the one banker room asking him or her concerning his or her comment (post) in the one banker room, hopefully you get swift response in this thread. Carry out your conversation here, make friends and not enemies and let us all ensure to growth and success of our common quest which is winning our stake with profitable dividend.


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On a final note, do not respond to any message that is not from the verified numbers of the administrator as published below on this website. Do not reply such spam and scam message.




Comments (11)

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  1. Fixedmatched234 says:

    At least I have try my best to this great house of solution tip star… As from week37 to week45 my performance for banker has been going well.
    Week37 ==== 47√
    Total 6/9 ..I have tried.

  2. Agali says:

    Week 46 banker is 25 winning line loading
    Promise to score 5/5 this week
    Isha Allah

  3. Oluwadamilare Ajayi Sunday says:

    Bournemouth Home no.1
    nap 7xxxx 9xxxx 12xxxx

  4. Camaraktp says:

    Hello house week46 CBK3 prove wk44 opponent of Bournemouth v opponent of south’pton to sit on position of Brentford in week 45.wk45 is 4.now Wk45 opponent of Bournemouth v opponent of south’pton to meet at position of Brentford in week 46.fulham v crystal p is a full time draw.

  5. Sunny King says:

    Good day everyone here,,,,I wish to this opportunity to say goodbye from English season 2022/2023

    Is very important,,, not key ???
    But I see everything green ??
    Number 41 is a naked draw possible 1:1 correct score I have done this before here,,

    Please my banker 41xxxx

    Bonus number 40 xxxxx Enjoy remember I have tested my food dishing out,,, is free free,,, next time soon see you all at nap market first time Ever,, please admin approve

  6. Uduak says:

    week46 please all my fans all over the globe please play this my send off game. nap 15×26×32 pair 39/41 this game is going to playoooo.

  7. Boytwo says:

    Am in? Dis is week46 go & bet=7xx & bet=8xx. Is a pair for da week.. Prove of dis 2numbers i fine it @big win.. Game play since week30, dis week46 is 7pair8 enjoy.

  8. Ifeanyi says:

    week 44..man UTD vs westham at number 9f.. The following week 45….you play the vacation of man UTD..9….for your first draw…you add man UTD and west ham together..to give you 13.. as your second draw
    ..you add together the number 13 to give us number 4 as 3 draw…in week 45…..same week 45… Man UTD vs wolves..at number 7f… following week..you play the vacation of man UTD…you add together Man UTD wolves..to give us 12 as second draw..
    1+2 equal 3…. As ur 3 draw….give it a try…2 times movement…7 draws on coupon…3..7..12… Don’t say u did not see it

  9. Gman says:

    Goodmorning able admin, great men and women in the house,

    welcome to week46
    Make use of
    » 20 **
    » 26 **
    » 27 **
    » 36 **
    » 46 **

    prove:=sat date of play taking to number one TREBLE JING,
    Pick that game (1)=20xx and game (14)=26xx as ur two draws 26xx27xx by number, hi score quiz game (7)=46xx 4


    Ref:=wk22 3/12/2022 was 3xx23xx24xx26xx27.

    And=wk46 20/5/2023 20xx26xx27xx36x46
    see you next week.
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  10. Aba Boys says:

    Compensation games from ABA BOYS.
    This numbers is not just a forecast, but information , so use it well. This week and week47 when Arsenal back number 1 home ontop Aston villa is the setting from our overseas friend .


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