Week 50 Weekend Pool Draws Discussion Room 2021: Pool Draw This Week

Week 50 pool discussion 2021; Week 50 Pool Discussion Room 2021 – Pool Draws This Week; Week 50 pool discussion room 2021


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Week 50 Pool Discussion Room 2021: Post Other Comments, Discuss and Share Views (for express approval)



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Comments (40)

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  1. Metallurgy 501 says:

    DONE AND DUSTED, 4 weeks pair delivery completed in grand style amidst few draws, it can only be God Almighty at work in my life!!!!
    WEEK 46
    WEEK 47
    WEEK 48
    WEEK 49
    I sincerely hope i have been able to put smile on 1 or 2 face(s).

  2. Uyoatta says:

    “Tiger” at away number 48 on coupon…
    Mark “Canberra fc” and “Gungahlin.u.” for one draw..
    Check wk51-2016
    check wk48-2017
    check wk01-2018
    check wk02-2019

  3. Aba Boys says:

    Four weeks of pairs been completed
    Week46: 14√√√ 15fff
    Week47: 13√√√ 14fff
    Week48: 40fff 41√√√
    Week49: 36√√√ 42 fff

  4. Ade Festus says:


    Week 49 played 3/5

    Nap 15Drew, 25Drew, 46Failed

    (8Drew Pair 9Failed )

  5. Ime Etang says:

    Great News…. I have 3 classified draws and a powerful pair this week 50. Let me salivate the House with this wonderful pair for one draw. Pair = 27 weds 28 for one fixed draw. The key is only on Brown and Blue Coupon; whenever White C is on top of Bar Home, bank on Adelaide C and Adelaide U for one fixed draw. Ref. 2018 week 1 ( 26xx weds 27xx ): 2019 weeks 49 ( 32ff weds 33xx ), week 2 ( 26xx wefs 27ff ): 2021 week 50 ( 27 weds 28 for one fixed draw ). The body of the NAP will be disclosed here in the course of the week. So watch this space. Congrats in advance to all of us. Thanks Admin.

  6. ACERUBBY says:

    Honestly my performance has been epileptic and I sincerely apologize but this week 50 I give everyone no 31CBK If it fails I wait for English. 100 percent trusted. Oga Authority take note.

  7. JOE says:

    Gud to be in the building right now
    so everybody go to banker room to see the prove of my games —


    stake 3,000 or 5,000 or more for a guaranteed winning line

    week 51 game loading
    I’m a punter n serious about business

    Appreciate — drop your coin in my wallet after winning
    for hard work

    I’m here to stay as long as this site exist

    wk 51 game loading

  8. BOS says:

    I wonder if you could hear me,I’m not after your 10k but to give you one unfailing banker that can never dissapoint you,take xx 21 xx and invest on it.
    One banker is not my problem,but how to make it 3. My banker has never failed since wk47,people don’t notice it because I don’t make noice. If you could get 2 bankers from the rest of the tipsters,then consider yourself a winner this wk. The soccer key I posted here failed and I lost,I only recovered because I single staked my one banker.

    NOW,my advice to you is you should not only depend on nap,if you want to make money weekly always try to single out your best banker to recover in case your nap don’t scale through.

    Take xx 21 xx,goodluck to us all.

    • Eket bae says:

      Great man I do love your actions, you don’t talk too much. More kudos to you dearest, please am one of your best fan.. Always rely on your one banker instead. Can we chat over on Facebook.. Ndo ata eyen eket AFO

  9. Jack Ben says:

    Week50 pairs is 32/33
    Prove is coming soon on bankers room
    Week 47
    02XXX 03fff

    02XXX 04fff

    36XXX 37fff

    That is how I have been trying in this Australia.

  10. 2BEN says:

    G.afternoon Admin,d release of fixtures has been in piece mill this season,unlike other season dat fixtures are released 4wks,5wks ahead,my sucess in dis site is also due to dis early release of fixtures,dat is why i even do better in australia bc all d fixtures are released at once,dis season from wk 4 till date it has been turn of event,even d subsequent fixture is thug of war.pls furnish us with fixtures.i want to thank my fans dat ave been appreciating when my game deliver,these are pple i dont know but they appreciate me beyond my immagination,we still have sincere persons in dis country,i promise to put a smile in our faces once more time b4 we finally bid d season farwells,thanks for ur trust.even though is my past achievement here dat is still speaking for me.i say thank you.2Ben is doing well 2Ben d shine & reign na early release of fixtures,pls Admin i really need those fixtures so dat my fans will have course to smile here.tks.

  11. COO says:

    Brethren bring your record let’s figure things out. Three clubs has been doing a great job since week 47 whenever they come on coupon, and this week three of them come together pointing at one number. First look for W.Sydney.W whenever it comes on top of bar it has been playing one banker, another look for Woollongong W on top of bar it has been playing one banker, the third one is look for Leichhardt at number one home it has been playing one banker since this season. Whenever W.Sydney.Wis on top of bar home mark “””13″” by number. Whenever Leichhardt is at number one home it’s first letter is a dead game add code one to it to give you one banker””13″”. Third one whenever Wollongong is on-top of bar home the first letter of it’s opponent is pure draw and it must be sunshine c. under the bar. So this week 50 “””””13″”””” all the way. Please killers don’t kill it for me. $$$$$$$13$$$$$$

  12. Afam says:

    My late news game in wk 49 was Nap 2f 27x44x perm 6f 36x…3/5.

    NO 16X, NO DRAW!



  13. Uduak says:

    Week50 my banker is no30must please my dear fans mark no30 plus others two draws and pair check proof in banker room no30must

  14. Mr Pee (Pool Is Brain Work) says:

    WEEK 50,Still from my WL posted in bankers room.
    I present a chain NAP, x37x38x39x as 3/3.
    Reason,add the two dates of play in blue coupon when Canbera O stations under the last bar away,Lambton j at answer away is to draw and chain up, ref wk 46 2020,Wk 50 2021.

  15. Ajax Fire says:

    Week50 mark number xx2xx ft fixed draw

  16. Uduak says:

    Welcome to week 50 please I have three draws and a pair but I need people will play the game and show me love ❤️ on Monday I will drop the game here free for people that will show me love because is two weeks so interested people should wait for the game tomorrow is purely free but the banker of the game is no30must I will complete it tomorrow morning please be ready to show me love ❤️.

  17. Alagba says:

    Admin please post this game , my people anytime you see subiaco at family of four just go and play 3,5,13,14 as ur 4over4 appreciate o after winnings it has follow up next week

  18. BET says:

    WEEK 50

  19. DENNIS BLiNKS says:

    Week 50″ mark **22*** Quinns Vs Ashfield. Full Time Draw!! Guaranteed Banker…. It must Deliver! Trust me… To win Big Get in Touch Now….

  20. Digital Global Marketing says:

    Digital Global marketing has been doing good on this Australia season
    Week47 1√√√ 3fff
    Week48 35fff 37√√√
    Week49 35fff 36√√√
    This week50 blue is 40 pairs 30
    Prove will be the banker room.

  21. Dr Ray says:

    We’ve lost too much..cry no more..wipe your tears..Mr authority your winning time is here..mark my words..My two bankers for the week are very simple..take your records since week 47..the appearance of spirit Fc @No_8 is a banker..so this week use and enjoy XX8XX…also since week 47..the last draw must draw the next week. There 44BK..Thus use 8&44 as 2/2..pair of the century is 30/31..for 3/4 use 8,30,31,44..for winning line 1,8,21,30,31,44 for (5/6).. please don’t joke with it Biko.. appreciate me on

  22. Fredo says:

    Please am new here I have
    46xxxxxx please adm approve my post

  23. The Undertaker says:

    Last week49 was a very disastrous week. I don’t want to remember so let’s move on.

    As early as on Monday night I had a dream of 13 20 as 2/2.

    The last time I had such dream was in week35 were i dreamedt of 19 20 as 2/2.

    It only played 19 that week35, and guess what I didn’t give up the following week36 I repeated 19 20 again and it came out 2/2.

    So please let’s give 13 20 a trial this week50 if it plays 1/2 repeat it the following week it will clear the the two.

    I will surprise the world this week50 its a vow!!!

    Join me on Thursday night for my nap and banker.

    This will be all for now.

  24. Uduak says:

    Please my dear fans play my games above The game is going to play. 21*26*30 pair 23 37 is going to give you money on Monday please my dear fans play this game and show me love because of next week follow up.thanks.

  25. David O. says:

    WK(50) XX 22 XX


    BAYSWATER [email protected] >1+6=7COUNT DOWN TO MEET ASHFIELD @22X AWAY .

    REF: WK51. 2015.

  26. McPrince says:

    Apology for fans who tried my game last week.
    I believe this week will not be the same
    I’ve only 3numbers to produce 2draws
    Please add any sure bk to stake

    I’ve proven
    8xx&9xxx in bankroom is must to produce one

    Now prove of 6xxx
    Opponent of Rockdale c and mt druit in current week to meet in week 47 @1xxx
    (A leichart vs Sydney o)
    When bonnyrigg w is @7

    In week47
    Opponent of Rockdale c and mt druit
    To meet in current week for a cocksure draw
    (Wollongong w vs Marconi s)

    6xxxx bk

    Is for 2 or 3 draww
    Authority this game is Good enough to try
    Congrats in advance

  27. Moonshine says:

    Admin. May God bless you for your good work
    Please this game is coming without prove, also remember that the ones with prove do fail so urge everyone to give it a trial= 01… 45…46

  28. KingBlizz says:

    MY BANKER FOR THE WEEK IS COUPON NO 30xxxFTD. and not 38. see my early post both in banker and discussion room for the prove. I plead with everyone to make use it. it is as sure as death!

  29. BOS says:

    I would have loved to joing the challenge,but depositing 10k to win 10k makes a fuckall sense to me when a 10k stake on my one banker can fetch me nearly 40k,so for the last time,I wouldn’t repeat this again,play coupon number xx21xx with all your might. I’m looking forward to see people who value good things,if you people don’t play this game and appreciate me,next week you may get my banker from the nap market.

    To you Mr. Authority,take number xx 21 xx for the last time,wait and see result on saturday.
    A trial will convince you,goodluck!

  30. Andy says:

    WK 50
    Play and appreciate
    1 xxx
    17 xxx
    47 xxx
    Meet me in banker room for prove.
    I will drop three draws for three weeks

  31. Prince Martino says:

    Greetings to all. Wk50. Play XX10XX11 FOR 2DRAWS.
    PROVE…WK49 AGAINST WK48.IN WK49, NORTHER [email protected],[email protected], MOUNTIES [email protected] ONE OF THESE TEAMS MUST BE AT NUMB.10. OPPONENT OF HAKOAS WILL CARRY MOUNTIES W WHILE OPPONENT OF MOUNTIES W WILL CARRY NORTHERN T TO FORM CLUSTER DRAW IN WK48(8XX9XX).CHECK WK51 AGAINST WK50 PLS ALL SHOULD PLAY 10 AND 11. @Authority you can make a choice to use my games.Waiting for ur appreciations in advance.pls Admin post for my pple

  32. Freeman says:

    WEEK 50,2021

  33. Luvday Analysis says:

    Week 50: NAP xx7xx15xx20xx.

    using the special advance fixtures,from week 47, minus game 2 of hiqh score quiz from game 4 answer to draw the following week as your banker, then multiply the banker by 2 plus code 1 to give you your second draw,from your second draw count 6 down to get your third draw.

    week 47/48:
    week 48/49:
    week 49/50:


    NAP: xx7xx15xx20xx.

    Luvday’s analysis

  34. Supervisor says:

    I give to this family: digits that make up family of 6 as unfailing winning line
    6, 16, 36, 46
    13, 27, 30, 31
    Use ur head and select ur nap 4rm here.
    Look less and see more.

  35. CELTIBERIAN says:

    ( 2/2 DRAWS )

    32xx or x21xx or x27xx or x30xx

    ANDx or xANDx or xANDx or xANDx

    33xx or x33xx or x33xx or x33xx

    Let’s try this and hope it scales through, good luck.

  36. Andy says:

    My game has played
    Awaiting No 1 xxx on Sunday
    Watch out and goodluck

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