Week 10 Pool Nap Market 2021: Nap Draws Market This Weekend

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Week 10 Nap Market 2021: This forum is established to aid those who normally place advert on the pools banker room to showcase their fixed draws for this week to our numerous clients and most importantly our esteemed visitors.
As a pools forecaster, if you have a genuine game for sale, this platform is your golden opportunity to present your fixed draws to the world and earn in return if your games deliver. If you choose to sell your games here, you must be transparent and keep your conditions promised as at when placing your advert. Your game must deliver before the proceedings of your game is deposited to your account by the admin.



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For Game Seller/Advertiser
You shall publish your comment here and it will be approved for buyers to view and subscribe in any week you choose to sell or advertise your fixed draws.
But the admins account is what will be used for this transaction.
Your number shall not be published here on this forum, you shall send it to the admin privately in case games deliver you can receive your proceeds from the admin thereafer.




The admin has no control of who will place advert of a game to be sold in any week.

You are to pay directly to the admin account ‘‘Whosoever pays directly to the advertiser here on this platform has him/herself to blame if the games fail to deliver in cases of refund.’’ Admin will only refund to those how pays via him in cases of failure. If the games deliver as promised by the advertiser admin will forward the subscription fee to the advertiser (game seller).



How Transaction is Conducted Here

All payment transaction is via the admin account, money paid for will be forwarded to the advertiser if games deliver. In any account of failure of games, money will be forwarded back to the subscriber.

A fixed amount of ₦1000 will be deducted from the total sum when transferring the money back to the subscriber in cases where failure is recorded.

If the games deliver the advertiser will be charged a fixed sum of 10% of the total proceedings of the paid subscription before the total sum will be transferred to the advertiser.



Refund Policy

Refund will be done on Monday evening if games fails, just send your bank account details to admin and your money will be refunded to you immediately. Please note there will be no refund if a game plays a winning line of 3/5 or 4/6 irrespective of the number of draws on coupon.



Happy Buying and Selling!!

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  1. Raymond (ENGR) says:

    Greetings to everyone!

    Welcome to week 10!

    Our performance so far…

    Week 3: Banker was 2xx and pair was 2xx pair 12ff…DELIVERED!

    Week 4: Banker was 24xx (1-1 correct score) and pair was 21ff pair 24xx…DELIVERED!

    Week 5: Banker was 4xx and pair is 4xx pair 23ff was 1/2 draws…DELIVERED!

    Week 6: Banker was 27ff and pair is 27ff pair 9ff …what a bad week

    Week 7: Banker was 40ff and pair is 30xx pair 40ff was 1/2 draws…DELIVERED!

    Week 8: Pair was 44ff pair 45xx for 1/2 draws…DELIVERED!

    Week 9: Pair was 31xx pair 32ff for 1/2 draws…DELIVERED!

    Now to week 10: BLUE Color

    Pair for the week is XX 6 XX pair XX 11 XX for 1 or 2draws MUST 100%


    Anytime box 4 of HSQ SAF is repeated at number 1 of easy column, just rejoice and carry games at lotto sequence for a MUST pair. So kindly use 6 pair 11 for your sure 1/2 or 2/2 this week.

    I have 5/5 draws for this week…. GUARANTEED!

    I’m posting this early so that you all might benefit….


    For those interested in the 5/5, kindly make a payment of N3000 into the admin’s account as stated above… Games will be sent on thursday night.

    Don’t middle this opportunity for anything!

    Thank you!

    Raymond (ENGR)

  2. Omowumi oluwaranti says:

    Hello admin, I am interested in the game which Festman is willing to sell. Please send me ur account number or subscription processes. Thanks

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