Week 11 Pool Dead Games 2021: Cannot Draw On Coupon This Weekend

Week 11 Pools DEAD GAMES 2021: Pls Prove Your 6 Best CANNOT DRAWS Here


Week 11 dead games 2021. We appreciate everyone who takes time to contribute immensely in this forum.

Post your dead games and cannot draw “CND” to warn other members of the dangers associated with that particular number or digits prior to the week of play.

I solely advise visitors to post limited amount od dead games on this section, that is post few/selected amount of games so its outcome accuracy can be efficient. Just post two or three games that result to 0/3? I believe members will appreciate that more.

And to the visitors, you cannot have everything on a platter of gold. Try and study every proof you see here on this forum before deciding whether to use or abandon the number or not. If you’re not convinced, simply skip the comment without causing any nuisance.

Be informed that admin do not approve comments countering any published dead game.




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Note: You must attach a proof to any dead game you post, else your comment will not be approved. This is a necessity. We don’t want everyone to litter here with plate numbers. Post only dead games with concrete proof so that anyone that has it as banker may decide to either use or leave it. Please we want your best only.

Be warned that this thread is strictly for dead games/cannot draws, if you’re not comfortable with the comments, help yourself and abstain from visiting it.




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  1. Wiper1 says:

    Admin good day sir welcome to week11 sorry for my 6 dead game that cot 1 all hope is not lost this week11 dead game are 8/15/16/29/35/36 prove of 8 Southampton vs manutd***No7 Southampton vs westham***No7 the two team to die is a dead game prove of No15 week6 millwall vs Blackburn***1-1 week8 middlesbro vs Blackburn***1-1 seam week8 millwall vs blackpool 2-1 week11 middlesbro vs blackpool dead prove of No16 QPR vs millwall***week8 QPR vs Counvetry dead week11 millwall Vs Counvetry dead prove of No29 week7 Doncaster vs postmouth***0-0 week9 Doncaster vs Camebrige dead wk11 Postmouth vs Camebrige dead Prove of No35 week5 Carlisle vs Colcester***0-0 wk10 Craley vs Carlisle dead wk11 ColCester vs Craley dead prove of No36 wk7 Scunthtope vs Sutton utd*** wk10Scunthrop vs Exerter dead wk11 Exerter vs Sutton utd dead. Thanks make use of it Everyone See u Next week12 Admin well Don

  2. Digital Global Marketing says:

    Reading 12 away for the 4th time to promote some family digits to draw , and to give us 10 dead games by calculation, Reading to die, game 31 away first letter to die, look for Lincoln to die,
    Port vale is also a dead game if appear at number 40 home or away, bar to cut single bar last bar to die
    12* 03* 49* 40* 23*28

  3. PUNDIT says:

    5- away 1st alphabet of capital full list to be d number it is placed to die (game 19 = S away)
    20- family number to be seen bw capital hot wr 10 is and Bob morgan we 20 is to fail, it has started failing.
    39- capital cannot draw to be in d same family number with game on top try, draw-fail movement.
    18- addition of capital 1st letters of game in HOT by d left side to fail this wk.. draw-fail movement (b+p) 2+16=18.
    47,48- game 1 of capital treble chance 16 to meet d next number in TRY to die .. ref since last season till date 47-48

  4. Gaddafi says:

    Week11 ….
    Big win beware never draw since week04

    Accrington at number 20 home mark Oxford is a dead came.

    (36) every week11 Exeter set down at home is can not draw.

    Portvale home or away 40 is a dead game since last year.

    Any week Everton win midweek, the following sat, Everton to lose to it opponent and it must be at away in the week of setting.

    The rated game in Soccer X standard paper with 1bk is can not draw .

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