Week 28 Pool Dead Games 2023: Cannot Draw On Coupon This Weekend

Week 28 Pools dead games 2023: Pls Prove Your 5 Best cannot draws here


Week 28 dead games 2023. We appreciate everyone who takes time to contribute immensely in this forum.

Post your dead games and cannot draw “CND” to warn other members of the dangers associated with that particular number or digits prior to the week of play.

I solely advise visitors to post limited amount of dead games on this section, that is post few/selected amount of games so its outcome accuracy can be efficient. Just post two or three games that result to 0/3? I believe members will appreciate that more.

And to the visitors, you cannot have everything on a platter of gold. Try and study every proof you see here on this forum before deciding whether to use or abandon the number or not. If you’re not convinced, simply skip the comment without causing any nuisance.

Be informed that admin do not approve comments countering any published dead game.




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Pool Draw This Week 28 Pool Banker Room for Sat 14 Jan 2023 – UK 2022/2023



Note: You must attach a proof to any dead game you post, else your comment will not be approved. This is a necessity. We don’t want everyone to litter here with plate numbers. Post only dead games with concrete proof so that anyone that has it as banker may decide to either use or leave it. Please we want your best only.

Be warned that this thread is strictly for dead games/cannot draws, if you’re not comfortable with the comments, help yourself and abstain from visiting it.





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  1. Putin@017 says:

    Week 28
    Try this set of pairs;



    CONGRATS to all those who picked my banker last week and won as posted here.My banker has started to deliver and was a very good one with an outstanding odds when Cardiff finally surrendered to my declaration following the delivery of coupon number XX19XXCBK✓ as banker which i posted here.And truth being told, some may not have played the nap but the green light has paved way for nap and more winnings.

    Now other good winnings will follow as we have found the root with coupon number XXX19XXXCBK✓.

    Following my last week banker delivery here,i will therefore introduce my key setting games which i took to nap market and conquered in wk08 purple.
    So the exact setting of that triumph back then in wk08 is now set again and it’s time to build on last week delivery to get the nap or winning line accurately.So to all the people in my wk24 list and whom got my text last week will get this game as there right and pls admin take note of this.

    The game is 5 draws in total and will drop two out of it freely with prove while i text the nap to aforementioned fans.

    (XX14XX AND XX15XX)

    In nap market wk08 we triumph with the exact setting of this wk28 games in all standard and confirmation.
    And the PROVE of the two bankers draws pair which you can never see anywhere else unless from copycats reveals that whenever COLCHESTER & CREW in English league two are at away then bank on there two family numbers in English championship to gum each other to deliver two draws +3 OTHERS as 3/3.

    I would have sold this game but following the fact that i have all my FANS at heart and care about there feelings,I will therefore text this secret nap to all that are due for it as earlier stated.


    +3 OTHERS FOR 3/3✓

    +3 OTHERS FOR 3/3✓

    +3 OTHERS FOR 3/3✓
    All the errors in picking wk13 nap now resolved.

    WK28=XX14XX? PAIR XX15XX?
    +3 OTHERS
    So in WK08 PURPLE being family week of 08, COLCHESTER-CREW set at away when we won in nap market and now again being the same family week of 08 (wk28), COLCHESTER-CREW have set again at away with there two family numbers in English championship gumming themselves together for two draws pair +3 OTHERS.

    WK28=XX14XX? PAIR XX15XX?
    As stated,wait for the text of this nap on Wednesday if you were amongst those that patronised me in wk24 nap market bcos it is your right to finally smile this week.

    Meanwhile others can still benefit from this by using this pair if XX14XX AND XX15XX which may deliver 2/2 as shown from the refs.The pair delivered 2/2 in all the setting of even wk and only deliver 1/2 pair once in odd week of WK13.
    And as even week again,we are going for 2/2 pair delivery.

    Finally,I am using this nap to redeem my self in terms of public nap performance.

  3. Payless Master says:

    Separate and win
    25 pair 26 for one draw

    Week 26
    Lincoln vs Ipswich @ 25✓
    Plymouth vs Milton k @ 29 fail
    Week 28
    Ipswich vs Plymouth @ 25
    Milton k vs Lincoln @ 26
    Must for one draw

  4. I am Joe says:

    Still Joe in the Building

    Pur Colo’

    Welcome to Wk 28 Pur Colo’

    This Wk 28 Purp’ Color Alternative Super Pair Banker

    # 24 Pair 28

    🔑🔑🔑🔑 Formula —
    From 2011 — Any Wk of 28 U See ” Milton k ” @ #26 home Only On Purp’ Color —

    💲 💲 💲 ” Count 3 up n 3 Down n Current Position Must Produce Draw


    From ” Milton k 💲 💲 💲 ” @ home @#26 Count 3 up n 3 Down Must Produce Draw — Now Based on My Draw Chart —- I Choose

    # 24 Pair 28

    Wk 28 Purp’ Color Alternative Super Pair Banker

    # 24 Pair 28

    # 24 Pair 28

    💰 💰 💰 💰 💰

    Play n win n Appreciate Thru Admin

    This Wk 28 Purp’ Color Alternative Super Pair Banker

    # 24 Pair 28

    💲 💲 💲 💲 💲

    Play n Win n Appreciate Thru Admin

    I Remain Joe

  5. Udo Chukwudi says:

    Greetings house🏠
    Week 28
    Proof (a)
    A week after cup, bank on C.Rangers either home or away.
    Week 19

    Week 22

    Proof (b)
    Add each spelling letters of purple from your left hand side plus week number for a fix draw only on purple.
    Week 20

    Week 24
    Good Luck
    Stake & Stay Safe
    Motto:”In God We Trust”

  6. Aba Boys says:

    21xxx HOOK 31xxx
    Mark 21 and 31 for a draw this very week , reasons is that when you see Charlton on coupon 21 this current season mark it to draw . Gillingham at 31 on coupon to draw.

    Last week was 30√√/31ff

  7. Akayi Patient Amos says:

    Congrats if u see and use my wk_27 free banker 37x won {37x 39x 45x} deliver
    Wk_28 mark 40cbk +2 others for 3/3 draws.

    Wk_31 2022 league 2.
    Letter B {BRISTOL R } away to be the last draw.

    Bristol r @33x home
    Away team at 33 mansfield.
    Mansfield vs newport co drew.
    Motherwell opponent is aberdeen.
    Aberdeen vs dundee u @40x under bar.
    Current year.
    Wk_25 league 2
    Letter B {barrow} away last draw.
    Barrow 33x home
    Away team at 33 rochdale.
    Rochdale vs newport co 37x.
    Motherwell opponent is hibernian
    Hibernian vs dundee u 40x under bar to draw..

    i wanna thank all that trusted me and invested in my wk_27 { CO key }.
    Let do it again this week28 with another 3/3 draws.
    Facebook copycat over to una

  8. MMM says:

    My old systems set this week28
    For 2/2 it will never fail

    Just check Dundee united under bar away…look for Arbroath off or on coupon must draw………….played 3 times last season……..it has played twice this session already……………go and search for it urself……………and make money this week……………..if u do a simple maths which I can’t disclose herer……the game becomes 2/2


    Game of the season

  9. Holad22 says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! God had done it! ……30……xxx,CBK ONE DIRECT DRAW DREW last wk! Congratulation to all who saw it and singlebet it as I advised. Though the pair 32 & 34 failed.

  10. Oluwadamilare Ajayi Sunday says:

    welcome to wk28 nap 3xxxx 18xxxx 26xxxx
    The prove game under Brighton to draw
    Game under Accrington to draw
    Every wk08 wk18 wk28 away first letter Of numbers 20 plus + 2 in wk08 15+15 = 30xxxx
    wk18 3+3 = 6xxxx in wk28 13+13 = 26xxxx

    • Oluwadamilare Ajayi Sunday says:

      Please house l have changes my nap to
      nap 3xxxx 18xxxx 27xxxx The prove Of 27 position Of Harrogate in wk24 to draw in wk28

  11. Mr Glut says:

    Exchange of positions of these two teams, crewe and northampton in 34 and 37, for one x. And barnsley and oxford u in positions 21 and 24 for one x. Exeter at 23 home movement. Bank 23,21/24, 34/37 for 3/3.

  12. Phil says:

    Week 28
    Purple color week play
    The games ** is set for the week

  13. GREATNESS says:

    Great people I greet you all. We give glory to God for the journey so far.

    In week 26 I posted that the placement of 9 & 11 in boxes 2&5 of HSQ respectively form a formidable pair and to produce pairs for 4 straight weeks starting from week 26.

    Then in week 27 I posted that the game (45) in box 8 of HSQ in week 26 plus code 2 =(47) to form a formidable pair in week 27.

    This week 28, add the dual digits in boxes 6 (45) and 7 (34) of HSQ of SAF. respectively, the answers plus code 10 to form a dependable pair this week 28.

    E.g. 4+5=9+code 10= 19
    3+4=7+code 10= 17

    Week 28
    17 & 19
    Good luck to you all.

  14. DENNIS BLiNKS says:

    Week 28″ mark ((((**12 pair 16***))))
    Prove; Arbroath under the Bar Away, mark “Preston” to Draw and Stoke to play Five down, Four down, and Now Three Down! 12 p 16
    Ref; week 4,8 and this wk 28! Thanks

  15. Esther Musa says:

    Wk28 take 32 fixed draw plus two more draws
    Last week we handle cup sequence that produce 19x abi i lie ? See winners no the giveup because if u giveup u no go win ..
    The day ur winning go come none will know and if u stop pushing how will u win ?

    Wk6 phase 1
    Brandford c at 27
    Bournmouth at 4, next 4 family down is 14x to draw and total of 14draws on coupon
    27 plus 10 equal to 37
    {Stevenage} 37x away drew.
    Wk11 second phase
    Bradford c 27
    Bournmouth 2 away, next 2 family down is 12x to draw and total draw on coupon is 12draws..
    27 plus 10 equal to 37
    {Harrogate} at 37x away draw.
    Wk28 final journey
    Harrogate vs stevenage @32 fixed draw.

    Big congratulation to those that single 19x last week

  16. Lucky (a.k.a Akachukwudia) says:

    Ndewo nu, if you play my last week game am sorry 4 the lost, this what have this week28, go to week4 u will see this AYR UTD VS ARBROATH @41, they played draw, HAMILTON VS MORTON @44 they played draw, INVERNESS VS QUEENS PK @45 they also played draw, this week28 they all set like that @43, 48, and 49, it is just and observation, back to the main tin HAMILTON ONTOP INVERNESS IN WEEK4 add the position of HAMILTON and INVERNESS togethe it will give one sure draw, wk4 was »17« wk8 was »23« and this wk28 CBK?25? ?10?pair?17?

  17. Uduak says:

    week28 pay your kids school fees with. nap 29×37×40 pair 19/31 thanks and regards

  18. Ijebu Master says:

    26 p 36
    30bk. Whenever u add all the digits in capital try unit by unit and u find the answer among the digits bank on it. Ref Current.
    Pls my esteem fans this is what i have for the week. I can’t send it to individual especially those on WhatsApp. I Lost my phone. I’m using someone else’s phone to post it.

  19. Theresa says:

    As 2/2

    Then perm

    Look for Exeter @23 home and Charlton@21 home
    Play Cardiff and Exeter as two draws

    Ref 2011/2012 week37 note Cardiff played goaless off coupon

    2022/2023 week13 and week25 and now week28………

  20. MMM says:

    Week28 don’t miss
    ***2/2*** in bet

    Find Dundee united away under bar
    Locate Arbroath anywhere in the world to draw……..
    Check 2021/2022 season
    week6 Arbroath vs st John’s tone (2:2) out of coupon

    Week12 Arbroath vs Kilmarnock played goaless off coupon

    Week34 xxxx48xxxx

    This new season
    Check week18 it set Inverness vs Arbroath ended (1:1) off coupon

    Week19 set again Arbroath xxx47xxx

    Week28 Dundee united is away under bar
    Go to betnaija shop

    Is for two draws………..miss it ,,miss out

  21. Waters says:

    A week After fa cup Play
    Carlisle and Tranmere as two naked draws
    Week19 **30**41
    Week22 **19**15
    Week28 **29**39

  22. GERALD LINUS says:

    Standing on all Existing Protocols 🌟

    Welcome to Week 28.

    BANKER IS 20 ✅✅✅

    BANKER IS 20✅✅✅

    N– 2
    A— 4
    P— 20 (BANKER)


    D— 2
    R—- 4
    A— 20 (BANKER)
    W— 31
    S— 35.

    THANK GOD for his Mercies…. Play and Appreciate for more….


  23. Oracle Of Draws says:

    west brom 10 away, Rochdale 35 home Morton 48 away, bank on coupon number Bristol c and Rochdale for a must draw.

  24. SirChuks says:

    soccer’s dead game key set again in week 28

    check you record week 9

    beware 3 soccer dead game 41 than fulllist 40 will DRAW 33

    week 9

    xxxxxxx paid for

    now week 28


  25. IFYNWAMMA says:

    Welcome to week 28 . Best pair for week 28 is 10 p 27
    Prove purple to purple week of 8 Stockport at 37 home , Rochdale 35 home
    Add together the position of Stockport to give westbrom at away for draw, Bank on Wycombe at home ontop of the bar.
    Reference week 8 purple Stockport home @37, Rochdale home @ 35, 3+7= 10 westbrom away drew, Wycombe home ontop of the bar @ 28 drew. Week 28 purple Stockport home @ 37, Rochdale home @35 3+7= 10 westbrom away for draw, Wycombe home ontop of the bar for draw. 10 p 27 must for draw.
    Last week pair was 2/2, this week is another 2/2 or 1/2.

  26. COO says:

    NAP, 36,43,49.
    Winning line, 2,3,16,17,36,43,49
    Last week was 3/8 too poor with good research this week must be good.

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