Week 48 Pool Dead Games 2021: Cannot Draw On Coupon This Weekend

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Week 48 pools dead games 2021. We appreciate everyone who takes time to contribute immensely in this forum.

Post your dead games and cannot draw “CND” to warn other members of the dangers associated with that particular number or digits prior to the week of play.

I solely advise visitors to post limited amount od dead games on this section, that is post few/selected amount of games so its outcome accuracy can be efficient. Just post two or three games that result to 0/3? I believe members will appreciate that more.

And to the visitors, you cannot have everything on a platter of gold. Try and study every proof you see here on this forum before deciding whether to use or abandon the number or not. If you’re not convinced, simply skip the comment without causing any nuisance.

Be informed that admin do not approve comments countering any published dead game.




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Note: You must attach a proof to any dead game you post, else your comment will not be approved. This is a necessity. We don’t want everyone to litter here with plate numbers. Post only dead games with concrete proof so that anyone that has it as banker may decide to either use or leave it. Please we want your best only.

Be warned that this thread is strictly for dead games/cannot draws, if you’re not comfortable with the comments, help yourself and abstain from visiting it.




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  1. OBYNO says:

    St.George C ontop St.George Fc @10 n 11 are yet to draw. Wk1(2019),Wk47(2020),Wk48(2021).
    Campl’btown vs Cumberland @40 are yet to draw. Wk48(2014),Wk03(2017),Wk48(2021).
    Every Wk48 Sturt L. yet to draw.

  2. Prestige Omar says:


  3. Genuwine says:


    CAPITAL INT’L (Bottom Back Page)
    Since WK 9, If 2 Is Subtracted From Or Added To The Number On First Position On “3 FOR ‘2 X X’ ” Column & The Answer Is Placed On Either The Top Position Or Bottom Position Of HOT PAIR, Mark The Average Or Mid Value Of The Two Games As Dead.

    WK 13
    32 (Bottom Position Of HOT PAIR)

    34 (1st Position Of 3 FOR ‘2 X X’ )

    Average Or Mid Value Of 32 & 34 Is 33FF

    Other Ref: WKs 21,32,33,34,36,40,42,45,46

    WK 48
    3 (Top Position Of HOT PAIR)

    5 (1st Position Of 3 FOR ‘2 X X’ )

    Average Or Mid Value Of 3 & 5 Is 4FF.

    On Purple WKs Since WK 12, Any Number Carrying 21% In SOCCER RESEARCH Is Yet To Draw.

    On Purple WKs Since WK 12, Odd Numbers Placed On S/no.8 Of TREBLE CHANCE 16 On CAPITAL INT’L Is Yet To Draw.

    The 2nd Position From The Top Of “SPECIAL ‘X’ TIPS FOR THE WEEK” Column On SOCCER RESEARCH Has Not Drawn For Three Consecutive WKs This Season.
    Ref: WKs 10,11,12; 13,14,15; 18,19,20; 22,23,24; 32,33,34.
    It Drew In WK 46,47, To Fail In WK 48.

    On Purple WKs From WK 12, The 4th Position On “HOT” Column Has Only Drawn When WK Number Was Placed There.
    Ref: WK 36.
    21FF, 41FF

    Number On “LAST CARD” In Same Family With A Number On “Three Missing Matches” On The Bottom Back Page Of BOB MORTON Spells Doom For Both Numbers.
    Ref: Since WK 9


    SOCCER RESEARCH (1.2.X Ratings)
    From WK 9, Any Number That Carries Its Reverse Number As A Percentage (%) Is Yet To Draw.

    WK 48: 41–14% (41FF).

  4. Genuwine says:

    ** For 7FF
    Number Carrying 26% Not 21% (Typographical Error)

  5. LORDBEN says:

    e.joondalup at 33aw ontop the bar ff then the ffg wk mark perth sc at 33aw ff
    wk48-49 2018 wk47-48 2021

    Soccer front page editors top 20 when game18,19,20 are rated X8 X9 X9 respectively mark game18 as dead 13f mark game19&20 as pair

    every wk48 campbelltown dead 40f
    wk48 2021

    Sydney u at 1aw ff
    wk1 2015
    wk47,3 2018
    wk49 2019
    wk48 2021

    goulburn v at 27ff
    wk50 2015 wk47,49 2019 wk48 2021

    capital game 1 of twelve home Under Tips for the pool is dead game since week29. wk48 21f

  6. Jack Ben says:

    The following numbers are can not draw.
    08**** winner target game 4 to carry number 8 is never draw on coupon since last English seasons.

    21*** the ever meeting of Avondale and Altona M under the bar is can not. Check last year week47.

    38**** late news banker of mirror punters is a dead game every week since last English seasons.

    27****game 10 of jackpot home in the best ten of people sport is can not draw since the seasons.

    39*** soccer dead game this week is 39 at the back page.

    33**** happy Joe dead game this week is 33.

  7. Aba Boys says:

    Week 48::: since seasons from English seasons , the Niger call making pool forecast so easy for stakers fixtures, all th numbers in the box there are all can not draw every week.
    This week 48, they are 13,18,36,48,03,19

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