Pool Draw This Week 25; Banker Room 2020 – Sure Pool Banker Draw This Weekend

Week 25 Pool Banker Room 2020; Pool Draw This Week 25; 2020 Banker Room; Week 25 Sure Banker This Week, Week 25 Banker Room 2020


Welcome to our FortuneSoccer.com Africa’s largest forum for The Football Pools. Here on our banker room forecasters all over the world have a platform to contribute from their immerse knowledge of the football pool soccer coupon and create an equal and yet highly captivating content in terms of bankers, pairs and winning line to every week of play on coupon.


In other to make this forum competitive and organized comments will have to go through approval by the administrator before comments will be displayed for views by our visitors and fans. Be guided and informed that comments with irrelevant details or content not relating to the week of play will not be approved by the administrator.


Drop your sure banker for the week here. It will be highly appreciate by our viewers if you prove your draws, pairs winning line, your contribution to our banker room, your efforts in ensuring prompt weekly winnings is will be highly appreciated by all visitors and members of this website.


There is no successful forum without a rule that guides and govern it. Before we go deep into the rules that guide this discussion room for this week, here is a quick guide to the purpose, aim and objectives of this pools one banker room.

1] To ensure frequent winnings among members and visitors of this weekly forum;

2] To enable forecasters to exchange ideas for current coupon key sequences on coupon;

3] To help our esteemed visitors all over the world benefit from your wealth of experience and contributions;

4] To create profitable platform, social benefit, and current football pools information for visitors of this forum.



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1} Here on our banker room, you are required to post just your best banker, winning line, pair or nap for this round of play; backed up with current or past working proofs. You are entitled to post as many times as you want as long as it’s not irrelevant, (posting replies more than once is only permitted with the consent of the administrator). Observations and other discussion should be moved to the Dead and Discussion Room – Click Here.

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PLEASE NOTE: This forum is strictly for pools information. Just play your part by being honest to yourself first and secondly make yourself a reputable character or household name on this forum. Then you can be appreciated by the admin or any other visitors of Africa’s largest pool banker room.


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Week 25 Pool Information

Void: -;

E.K.O.: 5, 35, 39, 43 and 48;

L.K.O.: 1, 7, 8, and 22;

Sunday: 4, 6, 9, and 10;

Monday: -;

Panel: -;

Others: Saturday.

(Updated every Thursday on the comment section)



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  1. Jack Ben says:

    Week25==== mark 22 as nap pairs 42
    Reasons, Watford on top bar home 22 with digits with portvale is for one draw

  2. Junior says:

    Week25: mark 39 fixed draw pairs 25
    Little prove, whenever Southend draw at away , the following the position to draw, and pairs week number.

  3. FixedMatch234 says:

    Week25; 22Hook33
    Whenever you see Hull at 33 away this current season to draw, and pairs with game on top of bar in championship league.

  4. Honourable says:

    Xx44xX . . LEEDS at 5 three weeks, LEEDS at 4 three weeks, CRYSTAL P at 2 three weeks, EVERTON at 3 three weeks, PORTVALE at 42 three weeks, ABERDEEN AT 44 three weeks. Note can only draw once.

  5. Abdurazak says:

    Chelsea @ no1 away, play 43xx

    Ref wk50, and wk4

  6. Ifendu says:

    Week 25 pair 13p15. Starting from 2017-2021 every week of 25, Wycombe position up and down is for one draw

  7. Mr Banker says:

    Prove of 1***

    Week 23, 2020
    Everton vs Chelsea @ 3 fff

    Week 24,2020
    Everton vs Arsenal @ 3fff

    Week 25,2020

    Arsenal vs Chelsea @ 1*****.

  8. Barcadi says:

    Going with pair this week. 13 and 16 must.the teams in the 13 and 16 exchange in advance week 25 to play one this week. Must for one.admin I well done

  9. XPloreR says:


    ******** 10 **** VERSES ***** 11 ************ MUST VOMIT 1 or 2 draws this week.

    Reason is that since season anytime bar cut at 10/11 it MUST give us one draw.

    Play this one will not fail us.

    Admin regards.

  10. Okey ben says:

    Welcome to WK 25 brown colour , 42&44. Every brown plus last wk of brown (Example) WK 21, then 21+21=42 and 2+1=3 count three from 42 down= 44 (42&44)

  11. Fixed Draw says:

    week25 use 38xxxxxxx39 for 1 or 2 draw…wk23 Leyton o. vs Newport failed,wk24 Leyton o. vs Crawley failed,wk25 Crawley vs Newport co. to draw 38,..Southend to draw away on coupon,it’s previous position to repeat draw 39, ref wk13:to wk14,wk24 to wk25….use 38xxxxxxxx39…

  12. Tom Cardiff says:

    Banker no xxxx1xxxxx cbk must. Prove check special advance fixture in week21 u will see coupon number 23 @ triple jinx game position 8 and was move to short list position 8. 23xxxx wk21. Now come week25 triple jinx position 4= coupon number 1xxx an is move 2 short list position 4= cbk1cbk ft. Admin pls post tank u .

  13. Abdul Abkhazia says:

    Good morning all ! Last WK was 20√√√ pair 40???, welcome everyone to WK 25,2020/2021

    P A I R




    Winstar back page “STAR POINT” column when family numbers is found at the centre,is for a draw ref. Wks 47,51,52,09,17,22,24,2020,admin please post, thanks.

  14. CELTIBERIAN says:

    19 PAIR 20

    Should Bigwin back page BEST BET bottom pair to be made up of serial numbers is a lucrative pair for the week e.g wks 12,14,17,21,22,2020 etc.

  15. Week 25 Information 2020

    E.K.O.: 5, 35, 39, 43 and 48

    L.K.O.: 1, 7, 8, and 22

    PANEL: 13, 18, 27, 28 and 33

    SUNDAY: 4, 6, 9 and 10.

    OTHERS: Saturday Kick Off

  16. TINA SUPERIOR says:

    Admin you’re doing well

  17. X-Man says:

    15x 22x 23x

    Advanced opponent of Bristol C to draw. Ref WK 24/25 current

    Previous opponent of Cardiff to meet Watford and draw. Ref WK 10/11 current.

    Blackpool to draw under bar. Ref current.

  18. Sequence Analysis says:

    Welcome to Week 25

    Identical Pair


    Everton vs Westbrom ff
    Westbrom vs Chelsea xx
    Southampton vs Tottenham ff
    Tottenham vs Newcastle xx

    Southampton vs Man City ff
    Man City vs Newcastle xx
    Everton vs Arsenal ff
    Arsenal vs Chelsea xx


  19. Lambokeys says:

    Come rain come shine
    19. Nottingham forest vs Birmingham (championship)

  20. Movis says:

    WELCOME TO WK 25 MY PAIR IS 16 MUST 26 COURTESY SPORT X OFFICE FRONT DOWN RHS TWO GAMES UNDER THIS WEEK TO SUPPLY SINCE WK 21 TILL DATE.LAST WK WK 24 IT WAS 43xx pair 49ff now 16 pair 26??? Admin pls post for all to buy this paper

  21. One Love says:

    this week25 use 38xxxx39 for1 or 2 draw,since 2017/18 every week25 Newport co. and game down for two draw……38xxxxxxx39…

  22. Victory says:

    Week 25
    Banker 30cbkkkkk

    Bournemouth at 13, add its alphabet with that of its opponent team. Answer to locate Milton k for one sure draw.
    Ref week 23 current

  23. Anthony EK says:

    Wk25, pair is 1p2 must for one or two draws. Prof the same alphabet in front of soccer to produce draw. Admin approve for the house to utilized.

  24. LORDBEN says:

    accrington at 26aw ontop Peterboro at 27aw locate wimbledon at 31aw
    and then mark the two letter B teams at aw ontop wimbledon at aw to pair
    wk7 2019/20
    wk25 2020/21

  25. POINTS ON says:

    WEEK 25

    N – 17XX
    A – 34XX
    P – 40XX

    WK 23
    Rotherham vs Bristol c fff
    WK 24
    Rotherham vs Derby xxx
    WK 24
    Preston vs Bristol c fff
    (off coupon)
    WK 25
    Derby vs Preston xxx

    Appearance of Sunderland on top of Wigan @home, go to the prev. wk., pick home team @29 to draw with Wigan in the wk of setting. Wk 15 – 16

    Appearance of Grimsby @36 h/a, count 3 up from Grimsby. Pick opponent of that team to the following wk to draw with Grimsby. To confirm, they must appear @ game one in treble jinx on SAF.


  26. CHIMEX QUALITY says:


    Wk24last season
    Everton vs arsenal xxx
    Wk25 last season
    Arsenal vs Chelsea fff

    Wk24 current
    Everton vs arsenal fff
    Wk25 current
    Arsenal vs Chelsea ft xxx

    Millwall vs Derby fff
    Stoke vs Middleborough fff
    Derby vs Stoke xxx
    Middleborough vs millwall fff

    Sheffwed vs Coventry fff
    Stoke vs Blackburn fff
    Coventry vs Stoke ft xxx
    Blackburn vs sheffwed fff

    Wk 12
    Bradford c@34 home fff
    Grimsby@36 away fff
    Grimsby vs Bradford c xxx

    Morecambe@34 away fff
    Grimsby@36 home fff
    Morecambe vs Grimsby ft xxx
    Note:it must be taken to treble jinx game one

    Play, remember me through admin
    and happy new year in advance
    Good luck

  27. Sirmono says:

    Week25 BANKER is **45**…….27pair30……. winning line 10*18*27*30*35*45… prove = soccer DEAD? to enter meet me at, and MUST carry bracket @ Bob Morton 1.2.x forecast…reff week26 2019/2020 & week25 2020/2021…

  28. Tony afonwa Elota Nna alias Diouf says:

    Wk 24=15xxxx.
    Wk 25=7xxx
    Observation. Wk 21(2+1=3xxxxx)
    Prove of 35xxx. Code 10 to the position of Fleetwood on away basis the ansa is a goal(Naked draw)

    Prove of 30xxx. Huddersfield @11. H/A. Mark 30 by number as a gazzetted draw. Play n merry with confidence including Admin. Is xmas gift from heaven.

  29. RSK Guy says:


    First digit placed on that vertical Numbers under Lucky game on pg3 of soccer seen on the left game on top Star tips also taken to the first left game of draw …
    1) mark it as draw.. =04XX

    2) mark the first game via tips for the pools as draw..=26XX

    3) add them together ur answer to draw..=30XX..

    Ref.. wk28.. wk29.. last season.

    04x 01* is my birthday oh

  30. Gaddafi says:

    Use 39cbk HOOKS 40cbk
    Exeter vs forest green on top each is for one draw , but today they lock horn together for a classical draw this week, it pairs with his brother Grimsby under it at number 40

  31. Evergreen Compiler says:

    Week25::::: 19XXXX44
    Capital front page at draw are most likely, when you see XX together , and you see 1-1 1-1 at treble chance 16 , it due for one draw, check week 11, week14 and this week25.

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