Week 43 Pool Discussion Room 2022: Weekend Pool Draws Discussion 2022

Week 43 Weekend Pool Draws Discussion 2022: Post Other Games, Ask Questions, Interact!!


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Week 43 Pool Discussion Room 2022: Post Other Comments, Discuss and Share Views (for express approval)



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Comments (15)

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  1. GENUWINE says:


    WK 14(Blue)
    Newport Vs Bradford XX
    Sutton Vs Portvale FF

    WK 23(Red)
    Bradford Vs Sutton Utd XX
    Newport Vs Portvale FF

    WK 38(Blue)
    Bradford Vs Newport XX
    Portvale Vs Sutton Utd

    WK 43(Red)
    Portvale Vs Newport (Off Coupon)
    Sutton Utd Vs Bradford 39

  2. GODSON says:

    Pool this end of the season requires thorough study to win look @ this two weeks operation add week of play together 4+2=6 everton to enter @ away mark birmingham mark middleboro mark forestgreen the following week everton to enter no 2 home to draw ref wk23/wk24.

  3. Draw Mornach says:

    Good morning to everyone in the house, Congrats to those who Saw, play and win with our Banker, number xxx28xxx pair: 32✓ Weds 39ff, This is our score card so far; Week 40(xx14xx Pair:17ff & 36✓) Week 41(21ff Pair: 40ff & 43✓) Week 42(xx28xx Pair: 32✓ & 39ff) Week 43(CBK?? Pair: 00 & 00) see you all on Thursday. To God be all the glory. Admin, God bless you.

  4. IMMACULATE says:

    My 2/2 DELIVERED yesterday.
    Even though no one ever admits to playing my games, CONGRATS to my secret fans.

  5. Ekele Peter says:

    WEEK40=37ff& 42✓✓; ==WEEK41=10✓✓ &12ff==; WEEK42=15ff& 17✓✓ AND THIS WEEK43? MORE GOODIES ARE COMING TO U STAY FOCUS…

  6. Fidelis says:

    Week 43 play the following digits for your winning delight.
    Good luck!

  7. AB says:

    Greetings to Admin.

    Celtic vs Rangers will draw.
    By number
    Game on top of last bar to draw.
    Celtic vs Rangers to draw.
    Week 10.
    Week 41.
    Week 43.

  8. Evaristius says:

    *10*16*20 proof of 10* Westham home no 8 current bank on barnsley home. *16*stevenage away under the bar Harrogate must set away bank on stoke away. Week 42 2020/21.*20*proof Birmingham away 14 bank on accruing ton away to draw. Wk 24 2019/2020.

  9. Buchibante says:

    Soccer Research Key Colour System It has played in Blue.Purple.Brown And Dis Week 43 RED Appearance of 19 inside Soccer Bank on 7.20.43.Pair 19 and 49 must One. It has follow up next Week 44

  10. SENSI says:

    Last week was a disaster to me,admin morning, let’s move on, WK 12 Lincoln under bar away ,it’s opponent was Burton A , first letter of Burton A ,B= 2 brendford enterd ND drw, mark leceister @5 home with advance opponent of norwch ,plays 2,5 ,2/2 in WK 13 opponent of Lincoln in WK 12 to meet Awemblidon ND drw, opponent of wemblidon 1st letter b, Norwich to enter ,with previous opponent of leceister ND drw, to confirm it Norwich opponent first letter must correspond with d number dey settle for drw ,B=2 Burley vs Norwich , played 2,21, now WK 42 Lincoln again under bar opponent was Accrington , A = 1 brendford enterd drew, mark Leceister home no 5 with advance opponent of norwch , played 1nd 5,2/2, dis wk previous opponent of Lincoln to meet awemblidon ND drw, Opponent of A wemblidon is Accrington, A =1 Norwich to set at away ND host team dat drw with leceister, to confirm it , Norwich opp ,first letter must correspond to d numy I which dey will settle for a few,A =1, let’s boldly Mark 1,20,37, prove of 37 WK 12 Rochdale 33 home FF, Mansfield 32 away xxxx, WK 11 Mansfield vs Rochdale 37 xxxx, last week Rochdale 33 away FF, Bristol r, 32 xxx,dis wk mark Rochdale vs Bristol r 37, 1,20,37 WK 43 admit pls approve thanx

  11. Nasara!k/Dangord says:

    Week of 3,mark13,36 for one or two.current

  12. Udoh says:

    Nap 27, 29, 39
    Play and appreciate
    Admin approve my first time of posting

  13. Ennis says:

    Good day house and honorable admin,is my first time of posting cos I luv u guys, most guys on this blog are using their mind y some don’t,admin ur expectations will not be cut short in Jesus name.back to dis week43 games pls if u are a good for caster follow me to week 39 2009, ranger @ week of play gives u 12, 22,32,pls I can expanciate on it but just give a try

  14. Alozie says:

    Good morning my people, I want everyone to benefit from this game, it must play. But I can’t go ahead to state how it comes, because is a very long sequence. 13,23,29nap winning line 13,20,23,29,37,42,44. At list 5/7 must or all cleared 7/7 on Saturday goodluck

  15. GPS says:

    Wk 43 powerful key,LEEDS at nos 3 home,7 *9 *25 *39. please this game must give you winning, but next week i will give it free for those who appreciate.THANKS.

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